ilo is re-shaping the sanitary product industry from the ground up by offering 100% organic cotton tampons that are 100% non toxic for your body and also 100% biodegradable.

ilo is changing the narrative about menstrual health through education, empowerment and inspiration.

ilo donates 50% to fighting period poverty around the world because ilo believes every person with a period deserves access to safe, hygienic menstrual products and shouldn’t have to miss school or their job every month.

Mainstream sanitary products are full of chemicals, toxins and known carcinogens. On average you period life lasts around 40 years. Why would you want to put chemicals and toxins into the most absorbent part of your body month after month, year after year for 40 years?

ilo is 100% organic cotton which means that there is no toxins, no chemical, it’s a clean and natural product which also means it’s then biodegradable when finished with.