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Our double edge safety razor blades are perfect for replacing those old blades in your eco-friendly safety razor. These are extremely sharp giving a great close shave which will leave your skin hair free and smooth!

You get two packs of 5 blades that are plastic free and come packaged in a card box which can be recycled.

What Makes It Better:

⦁ Plastic free blades
⦁ 10 x replacement blades
⦁ Recyclable
⦁ Eco-friendly & sustainable alternative


5 x Double Edge Safety Razor Replacement Blades

These blades are light and ultra-sharp, Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades offer a close shave shave leaving your skin feeling smooth and hair free.

Our replacement razor blades fit all double edge safety razors. These come plastic free and the actual blades themselves are also recyclable meaning these are kinder to your skin and the environment, not to mention these are much more reasonably priced than those made with plastic!

Each side of the blade will last you a minimum of 5 shaves but it really depends on the hair length and thickness, these blades can last much longer than the minimum.


These replacement blades come in a cardboard box which can be recycled. With regards to disposing the actual blades, they too are 100% recyclable.

The best way to dispose of them is to buy or make a blade bank, once the blade bank is full you will need to ask your local recycling centre if they accept them. If they don’t what most do is pop the entire SEALED blade bank in the normal waste bin or metal recycling with a note on the side to warn others that it contains blades, but it is always best to check with your local recycling first.

Alternatively you can send them back to me here at The Natural Company and I can recycle them for you in bulk with my supplier.