Naked Necessities shaving kit doesn't just look good, with its hand carved wooden handle and shiny stainless steal fittings! It is incredibly easy to use and completely plastic free right down to the biodegradable packaging. My zero waste shaving dream is now a reality with this little beauty. 

Upon traveling many third world countries I began to wonder where exactly did my disposable razor go? The harsh reality was devastatingly heartbreaking as I learnt that they were either burnt, discarded in the nearest landfill or worse yet - THE SEA... 

FACT: Did you know in the USA over 2 billion enter landfill every year? 

Crazy right? If you think about it though, disposable plastic razors may be one of the most wasteful products in our bathroom routine. So I am delighted to have made this switch, If I am honest, one of the easiest changes within my lifestyle. 


Aftercare of your razor.. 

Their is definitely more maintenance to keep the razor it good condition, it is stainless steel and hand carved wood after all. (much more aesthetically appealing than its plastic unrecyclable counterpart don't you think?) 

So, after each use I have been getting into the habit of taking it apart (literally unscrew the top) and drying the blade and razor to prevent any rusting. Honestly it takes less than a minute and is now automatically just part of my routine. Also best to leave it on the window sill in natural day light to further dry out. This razor should not be left in the shower - a definite no no! If you look after this little razor it will last you a lifetime, only ever having to purchase the blades, which unlike the plastic disposable blades that cost a small fortune, these are incredibly affordable ( €3.80 per pack of five) with each blade lasting at least two months or more that to me is a definite WIN! Less plastic, less waste, less buying! 

This razor was designed and hand carved not only for men, typically when people first see a "shaving set" they think of their father, boyfriend or brother. The Naked Necessitates team wanted to change this and designed this kit with both men and women in mind and ladies let us tell you that this little razor will not only help you do you part for the planet but it will literally change your routine for the better in so many ways. Contrary to what you might think the safety razor is simple to use. On assembly you unscrew the handle, placing the double edged safety blade between the two separated head pieces. Once the blade is in place twist the handle back into place and you are ready for your first plastic free shave.

 Our main tip would be to remember that little or no pressure is needed with this razor and it still will give the most impressively close shave you have ever experienced - meaning LESS SHAVING LADIES, YES YOU READ CORRECTLY... LESS SHAVING. 

Also included in the kit is vegan friendly aloe vera & clay extract soap and a pack of 5 blades. 


I personally am extremely happy with my swap for a sustainable future. Which I plan to have & use for a longtime ahead. This was the last razor I will ever buy cutting out the 8-10 disposable ones I was going through ever year,  in turn saving me a small fortune too. 

Have you thought about change to a zero waste and plastic free shaving routine? Maybe now is the time to give it a shot! You will not regret it... 

Currently available at a MARKED DOWN PRICE in our PLASTIC FREE SALE..

Happy shaving girls and boys .. 





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